Friends are like the colour pencils ,
they colour our lives ,
I may not be your favourite COLOUR ,
But hope you will need me some where to complete ur picture (unknown author)

Thursday, June 26, 2008


that,s true..i gonna say that i really miss my work at nurazni entreprise..there a lot of memories..
in this picture,from left is keon,me n IKHWAN or known as ae_kan..i still remmber how tired when working but all that gone..after we had some fun with others..we were very close n click that time..i love chatting with BIBIK YANI..she was very funny..but hardworking woman..even she a woman but she can adapt to work there..i also like to work with ABG MAN N ABG UDA..
they always make us not too tension when working..made me more relaxed..we laso always spent time to go karaoke togther with KEON too..others like ABG WAN was fun too.ABG ZAINAL sumtimes 'KUAT MENGULAT'(LAZY)..KAK NOR who is ABG ZAINAL's wife..TAUKE(THE OWNERS) KAK AZNI N ABG MK..they too hardworking to find money..they r work very hard n they dun care about tired..hehe..i gonna miss that time..everyone knows time is pasing too fast until we not realise NURAZNI ENTREPRISE just left ABG MAN..the others find the other jobs which is more higher paid n easier..i hope some time..we will meet everybody back..i miss to work with them..huhu