Friends are like the colour pencils ,
they colour our lives ,
I may not be your favourite COLOUR ,
But hope you will need me some where to complete ur picture (unknown author)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

my best fwen... i wanna to talk about one of my best friend in my previous school in MRSM PDRM..his name is KHAIRUL IKHWAN..he was the 1st person who i met in mrsm..actually,b4 this we had met each others..bcoz he was the ex-studnt in my old school,SMK SERI ISKANDAR during form 1 b4 he got an offer to go SMK SULTAN YUSUF which is better..
what he very different from my others fwen..if u in my class..u will know who lazy i'm especially to do homeworks..
but he always gave advices n support to me..when i was sleeping in the class..he will make me wake up..if i dun,he will starts 'membebel'..then for sure i will wake up..
in additions...when i was not finishing my homeworks..he will be the first person..i searched to copy..haha..even he gave permission to me to copy..but i know..he wanna i do my homeworks by myself..he truly wanna see i'm success..tq keon..
In hostel..when he saw i was sleeping while others studied..he came to my with make sure i gonna to study n do some revisions..he also will MEMBEBEL at me..told me to clean my mrsm.everyone knows that my room was too messy n told me to clean everything..washed my clothes,kept all make sure my room is suitable 4 living not lkie rat,s house..
during to wait the SPM's result come out,we were working in the same place..where in 'BANDAR UNIVERSITI',named NURAZNI we got many challenges n hardness..
we were too tired..bcos everyday we must cut a lot of chickens,remove fish's scales ect..
both of us also hate to make the coconut milks..especially to machine the's really boring n make our hands felt too of memory we can't forget when KAK AZNI
became angry like's really scaring..but we got very good experienced..
now..he will continue his study at Uitm Shah ASASI KEJURUTERAAN..he really like to be the chemistry engineer..n i gonna to INTEC..actually,i really nervous to go there i'm alone..without him..who gonna be MEMBEBEL to me??huhu..i really missing him..i hope i will get fwen as kind as him..i know that no one can't replace him..huhu..tq 4 being a good fwen 4 me..