Friends are like the colour pencils ,
they colour our lives ,
I may not be your favourite COLOUR ,
But hope you will need me some where to complete ur picture (unknown author)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

sulaiman's siblings..

this is my siblings..wanna know about us..let me introduce them..even we are from the same biological parents..but we are very different..

my older sister is NURHASWANI BINTI SULAIMAN.She still studying at UUM in the
management of developments.Sometimes she is really mature,kind n sweet sister.But she also can't control her bad attitude which is too childish..i always fight with her.just a few hour.we r quarrel bcoz i wanna put P stickers at KANCIL.
she feel embarrasing to drive the car has P.But she is really good n understanding sister.

2nd is me.MOHAMMAD HISHAM BIN SULAIMAN.i still young n in this picture.i was wearing a yellow t-shirt.What u think about me?i'm quite good-looking?the true..i'm the ine who always make our home too messy..i'm also too lazy especially to do house's work like clean n wash clothes.

3rd is my younger brother,MOHAMMAD HASNAN BIN SULAIMAN.he now studying at SMT BUTTERWORTH.Peolpe sometimes make mistake..they thought he is my older bro..isn't right totally..r u agree..but i'm agree that he more mature n take all things more seriously compared me..who r too playful...we also compare with others..who r taller n more handsome..the true we have same heights n have the charming faces..hehe..

4th is my younger sister,NURHASMIZAH BINTI she is in standard 3 at SK SERI ISKANDAR.For us,she is victim of violences in this of the ways to release tension,we r bullying n bugging her until we r sacrifice..poor her..but she know that she very lucky become our younger parents always love her over than us..until make me jealous 4 sometimes..kay..

moreover,we r also have some similar characteristics..we always make our neighbours n our parents get headaches.but our neighbours r really understnd with us..they don't make many complain just sometimes..maybe they too stress become our neighbours..hehe..we also argue n quarrel to watch our tv programmes..ayong wanna watch astro ria.i wanna AXN..mizah wanna watch astro ria..that's make our home never quiet..hehe..maybe affter i gonna continue studying..the house will be peaceful back..hak3