Friends are like the colour pencils ,
they colour our lives ,
I may not be your favourite COLOUR ,
But hope you will need me some where to complete ur picture (unknown author)

Monday, June 23, 2008

a week b4 going intec,uitm shah alam..

when i look at the clock..tick-tock..time never stop..time continueously..
wow...time was passing too fast..make me wonders whether i'm ready to study back..
many things are around my minds..isn't my decision to take the ausmat(AUSTRALIAN MATRICULATION)..
is right..or it's absolutely a damn decision..then my future is gonna be damage...people think 4 those got the offer to do foundation..
there a lot of chANGES but they dun noe still have the their minds ..we can fly to over..have a change to study da best universities..if i did well..
but if i didn't do life is gonna be totally of that..i dun have an opportunity to study at overc..
then..i have to study at ipts..which is too expensive compared ipta such or uia...moreover,i need to pay back all mara's money..
in addition..people will keep saying about me..who didn't study at overc as they thought..
auw..that's make me feel really afraid..whatever..
hope i will do da i can be a role-model..
in my my fwens n my races..hope so..;)