Friends are like the colour pencils ,
they colour our lives ,
I may not be your favourite COLOUR ,
But hope you will need me some where to complete ur picture (unknown author)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

my life in at intec... first time i came to heart was beating too fast..i felt wanna to faint..alhamdulillah..nothing hostel quit is better than i room is in block 2..and in the 5th floors..really tired lorh..but ok la..i'm lso afraid whether i can do well at intec..from what i heard from seniors that ausmat is really god..i dun want to fail..i think i did the wrong decision coz chose to study at intec..but when i think this things deeply as a mature man..then i realised that nothing is impossible..but we can make it different..just at morning..i had two tests which were english n marks too low lorh..shame i meet a lot of fwens..i meet all ikhwan's members here like qayyum,anas,boroi,tom roomate exactly like farid kamil's first,i find very hard to adapt with life at intec..i must wake up early murning..the timetables looks too i feel too free..i always spend time hang out with my fwens..go to play bowling n everything..even my face there have smile but inside my heart..i still miss my keon,hilmi dun one advise me to study..them did before..huhu..what i wanna my life here will be better..hope ur guys will pray 4 me kay..