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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mesmerized by raya adverts

First and foremost, let me raise a question to u guys. Since when we can see the transformation occurs in Malaysia's advertising??! I mean when the sudden change happens as Malaysian able to produce good adverts. Not as tedious as usual. Got what i mean?? pls make sure ur brain works efficiently while intrepreting my question...

Actually, the right answer is when important events are coming up next for instance hari raya. At the moment, we can watch the best commercials in Malaysia. As a result, we know that local people also got talents and expertise to produce adverts as well as international adverts.

Among all commercial, maybe there are some those u like and enjoy watching. Like u guys, i also do like some raya adverts. Every advertisement got something valuable to share with audiences. Here i put a rank on raya adverts which i never get bore watch them over and over again. Unfortunately, i cant upload them all since it takes load of time.huhu. So i put the links here. Hope u enjoy watch it.

1st rank: iklan raya petronas 2006
"Jangan lupa pakai lampin"

2st rank:iklan raya petronas 2007

3rd rank:iklan raya petronas 2003

See, all of them kinda best, isnt it?!! I'll sure damn miss the new raya advert from allahyarham yasmin ahmad..It's not easy to watch good commercials in our local television broadcasts. For this year my favourite raya advert from TM. It's softly touching my heart. Pierre andre and pn.fatimah are super duper actors. Good job dude..

*Currently, i become a maxis user back. Remain use the previous maxis number. No longer use upax since lost my honey bunny phone. How bad is that. Btw, my bucuk sis give me a new hp, i-mobile. Thanx ya.*